About us

Clayworks has been handcrafting clay sconce light fixtures and tiles in Austin, Texas, for 40 years. Started by John and Chris Gray in 1979, our studio has developed a line of wall sconces and iconic “critter” tiles to be found nowhere else. We mix our own clay and glazes from scratch, and everything we make is fired in our studio. 

While we've cut down on custom projects, decades of our custom architectural work, including historic tile restoration, large-scale seals and hand-inscribed calligraphy can be found all over Texas and the rest of the country at universities, churches, libraries and other public projects. Among other Austin landmarks, our custom tile work can be seen at the Texas State Capitol Building, the Driskill Hotel and the University of Texas. 

 We are:

John Gray (1949-2016), whose spirit and energy still abide here.  There could never have been a Clayworks without his optimism, creative eye and boundless capacity for hard work.

Chris Gray, who specializes in calligraphy and pitches in with other production tasks when allowed.


Stewart Gray, who does all manner of production as well as graphic design and other computer tasks.


Angelica Fabian, who is an expert sconce maker and production manager. She always knows what to do and knows where everything is.

Angelica Fabian Clayworks Production Manager

Alice Graulty, who looks after the books and keeps an eye for the bigger picture going forward.

Alice Graulty Clayworks Staff

Kelli, who never loses hope that someone will throw the ball for her.

Kelly - shop dog at Clayworks