About Our Handmade Products

Lead Times And Why They Vary

We try to anticipate the demand for our more popular sconces and tiles and to keep them in stock.  If we can simply grab an item off the shelf and ship it, the lead time will be under a week.  Otherwise lead times can vary from about 4 to 6 weeks.  If you are able to come by the studio and pick up your order, we welcome that.  It gives you a chance to see the process and saves the cost of shipping.

You can’t rush clay.  We start from scratch, mixing our own recipe.  It then must be pugged to remove air bubbles, extruded to a required thickness, stamped and shaped.  Next comes the drying process, which must be slow and even.  During rainy and humid times the process can take three times as long as normal in our outdoor studio.  Once bone dry, ware is ready to be glazed (our own recipe, hand mixed)—each piece gets four even coats—before it is ready  to be fired.  Once the kiln is loaded, firing and cool down takes about 36 hours. And Bam! There’s your sconce! (unless something goes wrong in the kiln requiring re-firing or re-making).

Read even more about the process in this 2013 post from our blog, Mud.

Color Variations in Handmade Ceramic Products

First, color presented in the website can vary from monitor to monitor.  But most important to understand is that variation is a natural and beautiful result of our hand intensive production process.  The color of clay and glaze can vary according to placement in the kiln where there may be some hot spots and atmospheric differences. Whether noticeable or very subtle, variations are reasonably close to the midrange we strive for and are always harmonious.