How to Install a Sconce Indoors or Outdoors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Install my Sconce?

You need an electrical box. If there is already an electrical box where you want to install your sconce, you can easily do the installation yourself.  If not, you will need an electrician to run cable and install the box first. 
If you are replacing a sconce, you’ll find the electrical box behind the existing fixture.  

What Kind of Hardware do I Need to Install a Sconce?

If your sconce came from Clayworks, you received all the hardware you need: 2 wire nuts, 1 threaded rod, 1 hanging bracket, 2 machine screws, 1 washer, and 1 nut.

Hanging hardware with Clayworks sconce

Clayworks sconces come wired complete with porcelain socket. 

Inside of sconce with socketBack of wired terra cotta sconce from Clayworks

Steps for Installing the Sconce:

The process for installing a Clayworks sconce will not be very different from installing other wall mounted light fixtures. However, before beginning installation of any electrical fixture, read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly as specifications can vary.

1. The first step is to turn off the electricity at the wall switch that controls the light and also at the breaker box.

    Hand turning off light switchBraker Box

    2. Remove the existing fixture if there is one. To do so, pull the fixture away until you see the electrical box. Disconnect the wires from the sconce to the electrical box. 

    Hands unscrewing wall light fixturePull away light fixture from wall expose electrical box

    3. Now you have an electrical box with black and white wires visible. Attach the hangar to the box with the screws. 

      Electrical box with hand putting on hangarAttaching hangar to electrical box for wall sconce

      4. Screw the threaded rod into the hangar.

      screw on threaded rod to electrical box for wall sconceElectrical box with hangar and threaded rod

      5. Hold the sconce up to the electric box. Take the white wire extending from the box, and attach it to the white wire extending from the back of the sconce by twisting the ends together. Then secure the wires with a yellow wire nut. Do the same with the black wires (white to white and black to black). Another pair of hands is helpful here.

        Electrical wires connected between sconce and box

        6. Wrap the copper ground wire extending from the sconce around the green terminal screw on the hangar and tighten the screw. 

          wrap ground wire around terminal screw

          7. Push all the wires into the box. 

            electrical wires stuffed into electrical box

            8. Place the hanging rod through the hole in the back of sconce, then reach inside the sconce and thread the nut onto the rod to secure the fixture. Done! You can now screw in a bulb...

            Hand screwing in light bulb inside clay sconce

            10. ...and flip on the electricity.

            Terra cotta sconce lit up on white wall

            Take a picture of your Clayworks sconce and share it with us.

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