Large Accent Tiles

These tiles serve well as a focal point in backsplashes, hearths or other such applications indoors or out. Available in 8 in. × 12 in. (Prickly Pear and Tree of Life) and 10 in. × 12 in. (Our Lady of Guadalupe). The terra cotta design stands out on a background glazed in either white, dark copper green, midnight blue, cobalt or turquoise.

prickly pear tile
Prickly Pear (midnight blue)
tree of life tile tile
Tree of Life (white)

virgin of guadalupe tile
Virgin of Guadalupe (cobalt)
turquoise tree of life tile
All tiles are also available in turquoise or copper green.

To purchase large accent tiles email us the details on the tiles you wish to order, and we will respond with an invoice and payment link.