SIZE A = 5 in. x 9 in. SIZE B = 6 in. x 10 in. SIZE C = 7 in. x 13 in. SIZE D = 10 in. x 16 in.

embossed prickly pear
embossed prickly pear
embossed shell
embossed shell
embossed tree of life
embossed tree of life
virgin of guadalupe
virgin of guadalupe
virgin of guadalupe
climbing vine
climbing vine



Size A/B

Size C Size D
natural clay $104 $132 $155
glazed $120 $152 $180
clay reveal $140 $172 $200

How to Order

If you will email us the following information we can send you an invoice including shipping and handling charges for your approval. You can then make a secure online purchase with PayPal or credit card.

Please tell us your:
  • Style number
  • Size
  • Choice of natural clay (terra cotta or white) or choice of glaze color
  • Quantity
  • Zip code to which fixture will be shipped
  • Sconce's location (under overhang or unprotected)

Note that if your sconce will be in a wet location without eaves or overhangs it will need a cap. These are available in clear plexi so the light shines through or in solid clay. (Cost is $20 for size A or B and $30 for size C or D).


Note: colors may vary from sconce to sconce and from monitor to monitor.

glazed colors:

unglazed natural clay colors:

terra cotta