Individual Numbers

Number are available in various sizes and can be combined with decorative tiles.


Style A

Raised terra cotta numeral with satin white glazed background.

style a number

4 in. × 4 in. $12 ea.
4 in. × 3 in. $12 ea.

Style B

Terra cotta background with glazed white numeral.

style a number

4 in. × 6 in. $18 ea.
4 in. × 4 in. $12 ea.

Mid Century

4 in. x 4 in. tile turned on the diagonal. Terra cotta clay with white glazed numeral. $14 ea.

Screw holes for mounting.

mid century 2

To purchase individual number tiles email us the details on the tiles you wish to order, and we will respond with an invoice and payment link.